Kendric V. Rollins graduated from the University of Iowa with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Political Science and Psychology. He also obtained his law degree from the University of Iowa (which has consistently ranked in the nation's top 10 public law schools) where he was an honored member of the Iowa Law Review.

Kendric has been a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, American Inns of Court and Executive LeTip of West Los Angeles. He also volunteers regularly at the Chrysalis Foundation and Reading to Kids. Mr. Rollins is licensed to practice in State and Federal Courts in California.

Kendric began his career in criminal law working for a small law office in Los Angeles. He established his private practice eleven years ago. Mr. Rollins has successfully represented clients in a wide variety of criminal cases.

No one likes to think that someday they might need an attorney who specializes in criminal law. However, the future is unpredictable, and such a need could arise unexpectedly. If and when it does, the person to call is Kendric V. Rollins, Esq., at the Rollins Law Group.


Client charged with battery upon co-habitant and facing one year in county jail.
Case Dismissed

Client facing two counts of armed robbery and thirteen years in state prison.
Case Dismissed

Client faced three strikes and 25 to life if convicted for grand theft felony charges.
Client pled no contest to a trespassing infraction with credit for time served and was released.

Client charged with assault with a deadly weapon and faced three years in prison.
Case Dismissed.

Client faced life imprisonment for two counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.
Not guilty by reason of insanity.

Client with two prior DUI's picked up her third DUI with a hit and run and then a fourth DUI within an eight-day span. She was facing felony charges and 16 months in prison.
Client pled to misdemeanor charges and spent less than 30 days in jail.
Client charged with DUI with a .21 and .22 BAC.
Charges reduced to wet reckless with no jail time and client was able to retain employment with a state agency.

Client suffering from seizures had his driver's license permanently revoked by the DMV.
Driver's license was reinstated at DMV hearing.

Client faced 16 months in prison for burglary.
Client pled to a trespass charge as an infraction and received no jail.

Client faced three felony counts of possession of drugs for sale and was looking at 8 years in prison.
Client sentenced to 40 days of Caltrans work with no jail time.

Client faced 16 years in prison for drug possession, grand theft auto, felony evasion of the police as well as hit and run.
Client received 240 days in the county jail and a drug rehabilitation program.

Client faced 3 years in prison for drug manufacturing and other charges.
Case Dismissed.